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Can you prove wellbeing, culture and social responsibility programs impact retention and brand?

Watch our Webinar to learn how your company can achieve your positive business engagement goals. Did you know that Forbes has named 2018 “The Year of Employee Experience”?”These campaigns allowed employees of all levels have a voice, be their authentic selves, and in turn do their best work.” said Malia Atta, Sr. Business Consultant Diversity […]

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#MakeAmericaWell Encourages CEOs to Take Ownership for Employee Wellbeing

If you’ve ever used Classpass, taken a PureBarre class, or booked a haircut appointment, chances are that you’ve used the app from Mindbody Online, an innovative technology company that helps wellbeing companies to run and scale their businesses digitally. Last week, co-founder & CEO Rick Stollmeyer took out full page ads in the New York […]

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What are our turbulent weather events trying to tell us?

I’ve read many articles recently linking the multiple turbulent weather events to global warming. However, I believe there is a deeper meaning and connection, that few people are noticing and it’s called apocalypse. The word does not mean the end of the world, but an uncovering or revelation. And what is that revelation? I believe […]

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3 Actions for an Innovative Culture: Advice from Lazlo Bock

Lazlo Bock, the co-founder of Humu, a stealth mode start-up, spoke at this year’s HR Tech conference. Prior to being a fellow startup founder, Lazlo was the head of People Operations for Google. Many consider him to be the most innovative and analytical HR leader of this past decade. He and Google have brought the […]

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What to do About Monster Storms? Absolutely Nothing.

Every time I boil an egg, I am reminded of people who have no eggs. No eggs, no water, no power, and whose chickens are god knows where. From my privileged perch above the (rising) Boston harbor, equipped with wifi, plenty of food, organic everything, and a cache of red wine, I stare at the […]

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To Be Resilient, Don’t Be Too Virtuous

I thought I was done with homework when I finished grad school. But I wanted to be prepared for my commencement speech. So I did what any self-respecting social scientist would do. I started reading studies of graduation speeches. And I decided I would give a graduation speech about graduation speeches. Note from Team WeSpire: […]

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Why Marketing Needs to Understand Sustainability

One of the most common questions we get at WeSpire is “why does every employee need to understand our sustainability goals? Shouldn’t it just be for the facilities team or used as a way to rally passionate Millennials on the green team?” To answer, we often speak about the value of seeing the entire business […]

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Three Honest Reflections from Watching “An Inconvenient Sequela”

It’s been 10 years since Al Gore’s landmark film, An Inconvenient Truth, succinctly made many everyday people aware of the very real climate crisis we were facing. This week, I had a chance to watch the follow-up movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” and reflected on the progress, and challenges, we’ve seen in the past 10 years. […]

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