Celebrate #GlobalGoals Week By Taking Action

One year ago 193 world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss much needed global change. After much deliberation these leaders presented to the world, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us achieve a more sustainable planet by the year 2030. This week we celebrate these #GlobalGoals and the accomplishments of our leaders by helping to educate, share and take action.

Let us start by understanding the term sustainability in its truest form. Sustainability encompasses much more than the environment, it is about our people, social equity, and economic prosperity. Therefore, the Sustainable Development Goals cover a wide range of topics, from zero hunger to gender equality to climate action. We’d recommend that you take the UN’s quiz to see which of the SDGs are most important to you.
The 17 SDGs are trying to solve some big, hairy, audacious goals and it can seem overwhelming for us as individuals to understand how we can make an impact. What’s important to remember is that it only takes one person to spark a movement and inspire others to take action. Through simple actions and behavior changes, users of the WeSpire platform have helped save over 105M kWh of energy, 190M gallons of water, and more than 23 thousand gallons of fuel.
Want to be part of the movement? Below are some simple actions you can take throughout the next month, to help meet these goals.
Global Goals Week

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