Connection, Purpose & Resilience

Connection, Purpose & Resilience: How to support employee mental health in 2021

In this 60-minute webinar, Kristina Johnson, Chief People Officer at Okta, and Jan Bruce, CEO and Founder of meQuilibrium, discuss practical strategies for supporting employee mental health today and the importance of building a connected, resilient workforce through purpose and impact that is better equipped to thrive in the future.

Connection, Purpose, and Resilience Webinar Speakers

You will learn how to:

  • Revitalize the employee experience across remote & hybrid workplaces
  • Galvanize employee connection with purpose & impact
  • Equip employees with tools to cope & adapt in the workplace
  • Prevent burnout & support employee mental health in 2021

Given the past year’s upheaval of the traditional workplace and other myriad of stressors and societal issues, creating meaningful connections among employees and supporting their mental health has become paramount for companies today. Having awareness of the overload, constant change, uncertainties and stresses employees are facing on a daily basis and having support systems in place to help them is critical as we look to the year ahead. Social impact and a sense of shared purpose not only connects employees with their work and the company, but also with one another and can be a driving force in building workforce resilience and effective employee engagement.

Watch the webinar below for best practices about fostering connection, purpose, and resilience to support employee mental health in 2021.

WeSpire’s research shows, and KJ confirms, that employees who participate in purpose-driven programs are more likely to be engaged, which leads to greater connection and higher performance in their role, and ultimately to stay with the company longer. Interested in learning more about how WeSpire can help support employee mental health and build resilience through purpose and impact? Request a demo.

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