Corporate Citizenship and Community Connection

Caesars Entertainment is one of the largest casino entertainment companies in the world and an established leader in corporate citizenship. Caesars’ partnered with WeSpire to take their already strong employee community involvement program to the next level. They used the platform to facilitate the employee participation for those who are particularly difficult to reach; namely, frontline employees and the majority of their workforce who have no company email or access to a dedicated computer.

This case study investigates Caesars’ success in using the WeSpire engagement platform to:

  • Strengthen how the company contributes to the economic, social and environmental quality of life wherever it operates
  • Involve all employees in corporate citizenship, the heart of its brand value
  • Increase the contributions that employee community involvement makes to employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Better connect employees to Caesars’ core mission “inspire grown-ups to play”

Caesars has a long well established culture of environmental sustainability and community involvement. Likewise, they have a trophy case of recognition attesting to its corporate citizenship leadership.

Caesars’ mission is to “inspire grown-ups to play.” As the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company, Caesars has found success in connecting all 68,000+ employees to corporate citizenship. Demonstrating this success, 75% of employees believe the Caesars’ mission, vision and values support a positive workplace.

CodeGreen and Sustainability at Work

One of Caesars’ essential employee engagement initiatives is named CodeGreen. It focuses on inspiring employees at all levels of the organization to be more sustainable at work and at home. CodeGreen engages Caesars employees at all of their 40 North American properties, and drives significant business outcomes. Internal analysis linked employee involvement in CodeGreen to higher employee engagement. They also found that customer loyalty and satisfaction — a customer’s willingness to return to one of Caesars’ hotels or casinos and their overall experience — is linked to employees’ level of participation in sustainable activities at work.

Gwen Migita, Vice President of Sustainability at Caesars, specifically investigated the causal relationship between high employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

“We found that properties where a higher average number of employees report involvement in CodeGreen have notably higher customer satisfaction scores.”

Gwen Migita, vice president of Sustainability, Caesars Entertainment

Results & Success Metrics

Caesars now has a mobile platform for employees to get involved in its corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability initiatives. Most importantly, it is a platform that employees enjoy using.

Since broadening the scope of its employee community involvement platform, Caesars increased the reach of its program significantly. The number of employees participating on the platform more than doubled in the first year.

In one year, Caesars employees completed 70,000+ actions on the WeSpire platform, which translates to over $185,000 in associated environmental savings. In addition to the environmental impacts, 43% of Caesars employees participated in individual activities, reporting nearly 200,000 volunteer hours in one year. The WeSpire platform helped drive this 25% increase.