Creating Agile Virtual Volunteering Programs

Since last year, companies have expanded their virtual volunteer efforts. But many of these initiatives were quick fixes or temporary adjustments in response to the pandemic. With many companies contemplating more flexible work arrangements post-COVID, leaders will need to adjust their corporate volunteer programs permanently.

Watch our recent conversation about the changing volunteer landscape. The discussion features WeHero Co-Founder Ben Sampson and Octo Manager of Employee Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Vanessa Davis. Learn how to create a better culture, a better brand, and greater social impact through powerful virtual volunteering programs.

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WeSpire’s customers and partners are rethinking virtual voluneering in real time. Out of the 200 webinar attendees, nearly 70% said their primary goal was to engage the workforce community. And more than 20% said that they are focused on creating a sense of purpose and belonging.

Likewise, WeSpire’s customers are actively working to anchor volunteering opportunities within the communities that built their brand. Their goal is to link their initiatives directly to the consumer populations they serve. In the virtual realm, sourcing high quality experiences like this can be challening. This session will help you to learn how to:

  • Encourage colleagues to not only work from home, but volunteer from home
  • Infuse skills-based volunteering into corporate social responsibility strategy
  • Measure success through volunteer program performance indicators

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