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Go beyond simple steps challenges with WeSpire’s holistic approach to employee wellbeing that addresses mental, physical, & financial wellbeing!

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4.5 stars

“Very intuitive and well organized for admin users and employee users.”

“My company struggled with connecting employees across all of our locations, and launching WeSpire has closed that large gap for us. Now any employee can participate in any group they feel aligned with, regardless of their location. Another benefit we have noticed is the added leadership to our chairs and co-chairs. They have access to post communications and campaigns, and I think that it gives them more freedom to engage with employees”

4.5 stars

“WeSpire’s Wellbeing platform is easy to use and always updating with new features”

“The WeSpire team is wonderful to work with – very responsive, kind, and accommodating. They have listened to my suggestions on potential new features and always kept me in the loop as they continue to grow their products. I also like how linkable everything can be on one platform, from Fitness Challenges to Financial Literacy to Employee Mental Health Screening”

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Here's why your employees will love WeSpire

Best-in-class employee health and wellbeing software that empowers managers to genuinely help employees! WeSpire allows admins to track employee engagement, as well as align employee experience to their corporate wellbeing initiatives.


Empower a global, remote workforce

Employee Wellbeing on the go! Access WeSpire from anywhere with native iOS and Android apps.

Take a holistic approach to Employee Wellbeing!

Go beyond simple steps challenges with WeSpire’s human-centric approach to employee wellbeing that addresses mental, physical, & financial wellbeing!


Meaningful Engagement

Drive daily interactions that create lasting behavior change, strong social connections, and improved wellbeing!

Success Team

A dedicated, US-based success manager will guide you each step of the way.

Customizable health challenges

Personalized campaigns that drive strategic wellness at work and support employees year-round.


Lightweight setup (low to no IT involvement) with extensive partner integration network.

Are you offering enough to support your employee’s mental health?