Engage and Empower a Global Workforce

As organizations become increasingly global, companies’ success is directly linked to their ability to build a cohesive global employee experience across multiple regions or continents.

WeSpire believe that understanding how to engage employees around the world of work is the first step towards preparing for a truly global workforce —and ultimately leveraging the breadth of experience your employees bring to the table for competitive advantage.

WeSpire is going global by learning to speak 18 new languages

At WeSpire, we believe in platforms without borders. That’s why we are making big changes to our underlying technology infrastructure to enhance support for our existing languages and roll out 18 more in the coming months. These internationalization and localization upgrades allow our global customers to better reach their workforces and meet them where they are—ultimately helping to increase the impact of your campaigns. Content will auto-magically appear in the same language as the user’s device setting. So, no extra steps are needed for translation.

Workforces are spreading out

Workforces are getting more global, and people who work day in, day out for organizations don’t always sit day in, day out in a single office, in a single country, to get a job done. WeSpire’s platform helps companies serve and manage workers worldwide—given all that has changed in the last eight months, and for the foreseeable future.

Are you ready to build a better working world?