Engagement Maturity Model

When it comes to engaging employees, do you know how to measure how well your organization is doing? WeSpire’s Employee Engagement Maturity Model provides actionable information about the current and future state of your program.

Screenshot of WeSpire's Employee Sustainability Software.

According to recent studies most companies are not sure how to grade their engagement maturity.

WeSpire has a well-developed framework for advancing employee experience programs. We provide custom support for companies at every stage of development. This support is coupled with actionable information about the fundamental building blocks of a successful social impact program.

Positive impact programs—including sustainability, volunteering, philanthropy, and health and wellness—are increasingly important drivers of employee engagement, recruiting and retention, customer satisfaction, and more. If executed successfully, these programs are good for business, society, employees, and the bottom line.

These programs don’t come without their potential pitfalls:

  • Lack of employee awareness
  • Low participation rates
  • Limited resources

We get it. Our Customer Success team is working side-by-side every day with innovative companies around the world to avoid and resolve these challenges. Over the last decade, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to positive impact programs. 

WeSpire’s framework builds off of the work that we do every day with our clients explains the four necessary pillars of any successful positive impact program. There’s no “right” place to start, it’s all based on your business or business unit’s strengths and capabilities.

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