Giving with WeSpire

WeSpire delivers custom corporate philanthropy capabilities designed for the most challenging part of giving: getting employees to make donations and request matches.

Nearly $6 billion goes unclaimed annually that could otherwise go from for profits to not-for-profits. WeSpire moves significant funds between these two sectors by inspiring employees to give. Our giving solution enables employee giving, matching, Dollars for Doers, and grants management. Through our close partnership with Givinga, a philanthropy-as-a-service firm, we offer a best-in-class user experience alongside an innovative and tax advantageous Donor Advised Fund as well as efficient and effective vetting and processing capabilities.

How does Giving Work?

Companies that license giving capabilities as part of WeSpire’s Social Impact module create domestic and international opportunities for their employees. These giving opportunities align with certain key funding events, drives, or challenges or simply enable everyday giving. Employees make donations via credit card, ACH, or Payroll. If matches are available, the individual charity listing will include that data and employees can directly request a match from their available funds.

How does Grants Management Work?

Companies collect grant requests via customizable forms. They can also link grant requests to volunteering hours captured through the WeSpire Social Impact module. Grant requests are then queued for review by administrators. Once approved, funds are disbursed through the Givinga Donor Advised Fund or via a company’s foundation or accounts.

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable investment account administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals. When companies leverage the Givinga DAF, they receive immediate tax benefits for their matching and grant funds.

What charities are available for giving and grantmaking?

WeSpire’s global giving database includes all IRS-certified charities and international charities. Some companies enable the entire database to be available to employees and some choose a subset of charities to focus on. Organizations can also identify specific additional criteria that organizations need to meet to receive donations, matching funds and grants. If there are any charities that are not in our database, those can be requested for review and inclusion.

Are there any fees?

There is a fee to license the Social Impact module with giving or the Grants Management module. The Social Impact fees are based on the number of employees with access to the module. Fees associated with the Grants Management module correspond with the volume of grants.

Credit card processing has associated fees. Each company can determine whether they want to cover those fees or have employees choose to pay in addition to them or have them subtracted from the donation.

Because of the DAF structure, Giving features and Grant Making function without additional per-transaction fees or hidden charges. Companies can route 100% of the money earmarked for disbursement to charities directly to the recipients.

Can you use your companies existing foundation instead of our DAF?

Yes. If you already have this setup there is no need for you to change your charitable foundation structure.

We already have a giving platform. Do we have to switch?

No. WeSpire is vendor agnostic. We will work with any existing system and can send employees from giving campaigns and other activities to any giving platform.

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