How To Effectively Hit Your Sustainability Goals

According to our research two of the biggest barriers to employee participation in employee engagement programs that are centered on sustainability goals are a lack of time and passion for the programs offered.

Sustainability leaders frequently face these challenges when it comes to engaging employees in their sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility programs. The lack of participation is frustrating and can result in wasted time, money, and resources.

The most effective solution that we’ve seen to this problem is to show and communicate that sustainability isn’t a standalone, or extra-credit program, but that it is a pillar of company culture. It’s not an easy or quick fix, but here are four ways to begin this transformation.

1. Clear Mission: Align your sustainability goals to your company’s mission. It’s important to provide employees with consistent messaging, know what you want to accomplish and work backwards to create a plan.

2. Positive Leadership: Get company executives and leaders on board with your goals, messages and plans. Your team may be in charge of sustainability programming, but you can’t be its only advocates. Encourage department leaders to promote sustainability programming and events within their teams. It’s important to show employees that their managers and department executives support this programming.

3. Communication & Education: Gallup reports only 17 percent of employees strongly agree there’s open communication throughout all levels of their company. Develop a plan to effectively communicate your sustainability mission and the programs you’re putting in place to support it. Show employees how they can help contribute to the success of the business’ sustainability programs.

4. Employee Interests: Make sure that your channels of communication go both ways. Provide outlets for employees to share ideas around how they can help further the success of your sustainability goals. Use this feedback to develop events and programs that align with both your mission and employee passions to increase participation and engagement.

Understanding and executing on these four steps will give your organization the extra little nudge it needs to start achieving your sustainability goals.

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