Increase Volunteering and Giving

The work that our customers create social impact and the innovative ways they bring purpose to their workplaces always inspires us. One of our customers, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, has an amazing story about how they enhanced their culture of volunteering and bringing their program to a new high-point.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) designs, markets and underwrites Commercial Property/Casual and Professional Liability insurance products. They are located in the suburbs of Philadelphia and employ around 2,000 employees in the U.S.

PHLY has a strong corporate culture around volunteering and gives every full-time, limited full-time, and part-time employees 7.5 hours of paid time off annually to participate in PHLY’s volunteer opportunities or personal commitments. They also create ambitious goals for the volunteer program and measure them as closely as they do any other business initiative.

In 2016, the company set a goal to have forty percent of employees achieve a minimum of 7.5 hours of volunteering and to continue to increase the overall levels of volunteering. In order to closely track goal progress, the PHLY Corporate Social Responsibility team upgraded their systems from static spreadsheets to the WeSpire platform. Branding their WeSpire platform as TEAMPHLY ACTS, it provided a social hub for employee volunteering and helped them to engage employees in company-wide initiatives.

Their results blew us away.

Theodora Valero, corporate responsibility specialist at PHLY attributes their success to three primary factors:

  1. Effective Training: The CSR department worked with the training and development team to ensure that employees were set up for success on the platform, and understood how to log their volunteer hours.
  2. Boots on the Ground: The CSR department trained employees in multiple field offices on how to plan regional volunteer events and measure the results on the WeSpire platform.
  3. The Culture of Volunteering: PHLY employees already saw the value of giving back to the community, the WeSpire platform just made it simpler and more fun to get involved!

Download the case study to learn more about PHLY’s program and how they successfully used the WeSpire platform to engage employees and have a lasting social impact on their communities.

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