Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Summer Months

Sweet summertime. These fleeting months are filled with vacations, days at the beach or by the pool and late night BBQs ‘ but where does work fit in when it comes to your employees’ summer priorities?

With employees cycling in and out of the office because of vacations, motivation, energy and productivity can all easily drop. While some organizations theorize that they should put their employee engagement efforts on hold during the summer months, we actually encourage you to ramp them up.

Here are five employee engagement programs you can implement to keep your employees engaged, motivated and excited to come to work all throughout the summer.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way for employees to switch up their everyday routine, and connect with other co-workers outside of the office. Find volunteer events that allow employees to enjoy the outdoors and support their local community.

Host a Social Event

The summer months can be tough with people traveling, working remotely, and managing their busy schedules. Company events provide an opportunity for employees to meet colleagues that they normally may not get to know. Keep the events casual and optional. Employees shouldn’t feel forced into the event!

Start a Summer Spots League

Many cities offer community leagues for every sport you can imagine. Create a few company teams, and invite your employees to join in. It’s a great way to socialize outside of the office, get your employees active, and encourage them to bond outside of the office.

Offer Flexible Schedules and Vacation Policies

Studies show that when you provide employees with flexible work schedules, they are happier, less stressed and are more engaged in their work. The same holds true for unlimited vacation policies. In fact, research shows employees actually end up taking less vacation time with unlimited vacation policies compared to more restrictive policies!

Plan a Retreat for the End of Summer

Once employees are settled back into their routines and the kids are back to school, find time to bring everyone together and reinvigorate them! Having a company wide retreat is an excellent way to welcome everyone back, give company updates, and motivate your employees towards accomplishing key company goals before year end.

Already have a summer engagement plan? We’d love to hear what unique programs and opportunities your organization offers.