Leading through Anxiety and Uncertainty

Right now, leaders face complex challenges and companies, greater uncertainty. WeSpire’s Founder and CEO Susan Hunt Stevens was joined by University of Michigan Professor, Founder of the Center for Positive Organizations, and expert in energizing workplaces Jane Dutton to discuss leading through anxiety and uncertainty.

Jane and Susan discuss their experience in leading through anxiety and traumatic moments and how leaders can effectively navigate employees through while also managing business priorities.

What you can expect to learn about leading through anxiety:

  • What do you say (and not say) to employees struggling to adapt to a new work culture?
  • How to strike the right balance between inspiration, transparency and authenticity
  • How to manage uncertainty when planning leadership action
  • How to best take care of yourself as a leader in order to help others
  • How to best cultivate a culture of compassion

Are you ready to build a better working world?