#MakeAmericaWell Encourages CEOs to Take Ownership for Employee Wellbeing

If you’ve ever used Classpass, taken a PureBarre class, or booked a haircut appointment, chances are that you’ve used the app from Mindbody Online, an innovative technology company that helps wellbeing companies to run and scale their businesses digitally.

In 2018, Founder & CEO Rick Stollmeyer issued a call to action to the business leaders of America. He took out full page ads in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He also met with Jim Cramer and appeared at the NASDAQ. His statement: “America’s employees are not particularly healthy. It is costing everyone a lot of money [$3.4T was spent on healthcare] and people need help and support to improve fitness, eat healthy, and reduce stress, which contributes to 75% of the expense.

With that, he laucned the #MakeAmericaWell challenge, to encourage business leaders to commit to investing more in employee wellness.

Mindbody doesn’t offer employee wellbeing solutions to corporations directly. But Stollmeyer wanted to offer a solution for those leaders who accepted the challenge. We were so proud when MindBody higlighted WeSpire, our increased investment in wellbeing programs, and our revolutionary behavior change platform.

“At Mindbody, our purpose is to help people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness. WeSpire provides an employee wellness solution that allows corporations with a technology platform to design, run and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives,” said Amanda Patterson, VP of Corporate & Brand Marketing of Mindbody.These programs encourage employees to take actions that are good for them, good for the company and good for the world we live in.”

If you are at a company that’s struggling to design, run, and measure the impact of employee wellbeing campaigns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Are you ready to build a better working world?