Smart, Practical, Fun & Passionate

Team WeSpire

Meet a few stars of the WeSpire team! We are engagement and technology experts
with a passion for making workplaces better. We measure ourselves by the success and happiness of our customers.

Susan Hunt Stevens

Founder & CEO

Peter Whinn

Director of Customer Success

Andrew Borstein

Senior Software Engineer

Kenda Kuncaitis

Senior Content Strategist

Ethan Puzarne

Director of Engineering and Product Development

Avery Palardy

Customer Success Manager

Alex Graffeo-Cohen

Senior Software Engineer

Sarah Finnie Robinson

Founding Partner

Colleen Salley

Director of Sales & Marketing

Olivia D'Angelo

Business Analyst

Kim Kelly

Customer Success Manager

Innovation + Impact = Boston

Boston is the world's capital for innovation that matters. If you want
an exciting technology career that changes the world for the better, come talk to us.