Motivation: One Piece of The Employee Engagement Puzzle

Chris White, managing director of the University of Michigan’s Positive Business Organization, is is an expert on leadership and positive change, which is why we paid special attention when he recently wrote about the challenges associated with motivating employees.

His main point was to not make it a one-man job, and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to the success of your organization, and your employees, it takes a team of determined individuals, outside tools and resources, and a whole lot of time to make any positive changes stick.
So what can organizations be doing to help move the needle? We’ve seen that intranets, social networks, and employee engagement platforms are great tools to help solve your motivation and engagement challenges. Why? They become a central location for your employees to share ideas, innovate, and connect. Here are three areas within your organization that you can significantly improve through the use of social networks.

  • Manager Relationships: Social networks provide an outlet for managers to recognize employees for their hard work, gather feedback, and make their employees feel heard.
  • Purposeful Work: Social networks can create a community space for your employees to collaborate and connect on a personal level. Managers can also use it further support their companies mission, showing each employee how their work contributes to the overall success of your company.
  • Encouraging Employee Feedback and Communication: Social networks allow you to crowd source ideas organically. It’s an easy way for your team to contribute, and show them that you value their opinions and ideas. After all, one of their ideas could turn out to be a huge breakthrough or cost savings for your company.

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