WeSpire Launches Annual Survey: The Evolution of Employee Engagement

The Evolution of Employee Engagement, 2015

WeSpire Announces Survey to Identify Current Trends, Strategies & State of Employee Engagement

The fourth survey in the series, which began in 2009, The Evolution of Employee Engagement will provide six years of trending data on the current state of employee engagement. While previous iterations of the employee engagement survey focused specifically on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the scope of this year’s study is evolving with current and emerging industry trends.

Three drivers changing workplace dynamics

Since last year’s report was released, new research conducted by industry leaders demonstrate how the employee engagement landscape is already shifting. In particular, the following three workplace trends are becoming essential to unlocking employee engagement:

  • Shared Purpose: Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey found that 77% of connected Millennials choose to work where they do because of the company’s sense of purpose. Effective employee engagement programs connect employees to the company’s mission and values, enabling employees to feel more informed and understand how their work contributes to business goals.
  • Social Purpose: Strong Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility programs can help businesses connect employees to their companies’ social purpose, and help employees feel “ownership” of company goals. However, to make these programs most effective is the direct relationship between employees and their managers.
  • New Workplace Demographics: Employees are separated geographically and typically communicate over mobile, which is creating the need for more collaborative opportunities fueled by two-way communications, direct feedback and recognition.

In light of these emerging trends — and the necessity for employee engagement to continuously evolve — the 2015 survey will include broader concepts around employee engagement in addition to the sustainability and CSR focus of previous iterations. As a result, the 2015 survey will provide essential insights and best-practices into:

  • Strategies for building shared-purpose at work
  • Communicating impact to all stakeholders
  • Workplace relationships and the role of managers in fostering engagement

Please consider taking the brief, five-minute survey, and sharing it with your network. By contributing to this important research, your opinions and experience will help us identify essential workplace engagement trends and strategies. We are thanking all survey participants by sending them an advanced copy of the report, and all entrants will have the chance to win brand new WeSpire swag.

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