WeSpire Releases Annual State of Employee Engagement Report

Boston, Massachusetts, March 21st, 2018 — WeSpire, the award-winning employee engagement platform focused on positive impact initiatives, released their sixth annual survey results today regarding employee engagement trends. In the research report, The State of Employee Engagement 2018, findings include that an employee engagement strategy is critical to recruitment and retention, that rewards programs have seen a significant uptick in engagement, and that the vast majority of employees want their company to be a force for positive impact in the world.

Forbes has named 2018 the year of employee experience. Companies with a well-defined company culture have employees that are happy, productive and loyal to their workplace. With WeSpire’s latest research showing that 58 percent of the job force is actively looking for or open to new opportunities, now is the time that companies should focus on employee engagement and develop a company culture that employees want to stay at.

This latest research highlights that having an employee engagement strategy gives employers a competitive advantage in recruiting, retaining, and engaging employees. It also identifies significant connections between employee engagement levels and formal engagement programs that include wellbeing, positive culture, social impact, sustainability, and more. Engagement strategies are particularly critical to large corporations. Those without an engagement strategy were 14 times more likely to have highly disengaged employees.

The survey also showed that employees want their employers to develop a positive culture. Positive culture programs provide individuals with a sense of purpose and satisfaction and change the way that people view their role and their employer. The data demonstrates a 20 percent gap between employees wanting to work for a company that makes a positive impact and believing their company actually makes a positive impact in the world.

Finally, the survey results show that employees want more fluid communication and transparency in the workplace. Only 23 percent of employees think their company is very effective at communicating engagement opportunities.

About the State of Employee Engagement Report

This employee experience survey is the sixth iteration in a series based on research conducted to assess how organizations engage employees. Brighter Planet, a leader in sustainability technology and research that disbanded in 2013, conducted the first two surveys in 2009 and 2011, and WeSpire continued the research beginning in 2014.For this report, WeSpire surveyed more than 1,500 people over the age of 18, employed full time in the United States. Professionals working in Human Resources were intentionally omitted from the survey.

About WeSpire

WeSpire provides companies with a technology platform to design, run and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives. On WeSpire, employees from around the world participate in sustainability, social impact, wellbeing and positive workplace culture programs. These programs encourage employees to take action that are good for them, good for the company and good for the world we live in. For more information, visit, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.