WeSpire Unveils Employee Engagement Project Library

Behavioral Project Library Draws upon the Most Innovative and Proven Strategies Verified across Millions of Employee Actions

Boston – April 8, 2015 – WeSpire, the employee engagement platform company that empowers forward-thinking global organizations to reach their greatest potential, today unveiled its Behavioral Project Library. An integral part of the WeSpire platform, the Behavioral Project Library enables enterprises to mobilize their workforce around Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Well-Being initiatives by delivering hundreds of dynamic, personalized projects developed to help organizations reach their goals and drive positive impact.

Today’s always-on, connected and often dispersed workplace makes it harder than ever for employees to gain visibility into core company initiatives and collectively participate in making a positive impact. Further, the problem of the increasing rate of distraction and multitasking in the workplace is wreaking havoc on the ability to focus on strategic initiatives. Changing the unhealthy habits of distraction requires an understanding and calculated execution of human behavior techniques, combined with information delivery that is relevant and engaging. This requires the intelligent content at the foundation of the WeSpire Behavioral Project Library. The platform uses triggers such as:

  • Relevant Timing: Content is delivered when an employee personally identifies with a need
  • Actionable Content: Content is simple and focused, and instructs the user on how to take action
  • Variety and Intrigue: Employees are prompted with intended actions that are enticing and elicit curiosity

Employee engagement programs have become an increasingly important and proven way for large enterprises to improve company culture, productivity and brand affinity. But developing, administering and measuring their effectiveness has been difficult. The Behavioral Project Library draws upon the most innovative behavior-change strategies that have been proven across millions of employee actions. WeSpire’s behavioral science insights are based on hundreds of observations gathered across years of program experience, giving the company unique perspective on how people identify with company directives and interact with their coworkers and managers.

WeSpire’s Project Library enables companies to:

  • Set key program goals that are aligned with specific business outcomes
  • Configure projects and content that rally employee interests around volunteering, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and personal well-being
  • Brand programs to fit the look, feel and tone of the company
  • Roll out projects universally or to targeted employee segments

“Industry research is starting to emerge that supports the need for behavioral-based technology that unites a workforce and builds company culture. That core acumen can foster sustainable high performance with employees working toward a common goal – whether it be sustainability efforts or improvement in employees’ overall well-being,” said Susan Hunt Stevens, co-founder and CEO of WeSpire.

“The Behavioral Project Library is an easy way for companies to quickly launch their engagement programs,” said Tim Noetzel, director of product at WeSpire. “We understand that personalization is the key to behavior change and have designed the platform to deliver the highest levels of personalization proven to increase motivation to participate in the initiative. Actions leverage behavioral triggers and are delivered to individual employees at the right time, and on any device, so employees become enlightened to company initiatives in a meaningful way.”

To further reinforce a culture of positive action, elements of social levers and game mechanics are built into every project. All projects contain a list of actions employees can take, such as washing laundry in cold water or taking a walk outside at lunchtime, and an associated point value that feeds into an employee’s overall score on the platform. Employees join teams, and both individual and team-based leaderboards fuel participation, with achievement and rewards serving as an extra incentive for employees to complete the actions within each project.

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About WeSpire

Headquartered in Boston, Mass., WeSpire is the employee engagement platform company that empowers forward-thinking global organizations to reach their greatest potential. With the only configurable library consisting of hundreds of action-based programs backed by applied behavioral science, WeSpire enables individuals and entire organizations to drive measurable, positive impact. The company works with some of the most notable brands in the world including Disney, eBay, EMC and Sony to encourage engagement across corporate sustainability, social responsibility and wellness programs. For more information, visit, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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