Promote Interdepartmental Communication, HCM, and Company-Wide Collaboration

NRG Energy is the leading integrated power company in the U.S. and a Fortune 200 company. NRG used the WeSpire platform, which they branded InspireMeNRG, primarily to engage its employees in the company’s sustainability efforts. The NRG sustainability team approached WeSpire with the idea of expanding its use of the platform. The goal? Collaborating with NRG’s human resources team on their new human capital management (HCM) system.

In 7 weeks, 5,000 volunteer hours were logged and $100,000 was donated to charitable causes.

Human Capital Management Goals

NRG’s sustainability and human resources departments collaborated to create the #PowerToGrow campaign. The goal of the seven-week campaign was to motivate NRG employees to explore the organization’s HCM system, to complete their profiles, and to learn about the professional development resources.

The new HCM system houses all employee information, including the employee directory and a chart depicting organizational structure. Likewise, it facilitates mid-year and end-of-year performance reviews as well as hosts learning and development materials.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

With a shared interest in long-term employee success and engagement, NRG’s human resources department tapped the sustainability team to support this campaign. As the program owners of the company’s WeSpire platform, the sustainability team had a valuable communication tool that could be used for a wide-range of applications. The WeSpire platform’s ability to engage and reward employees for taking specific actions made it very appealing.

When changing HCM systems, NRG needed employees to populate much of the information on the new platform. The human resources department also wanted to create awareness about their professional development tools. So, the HR team turned to the sustainability team. They were already using the WeSpire platform, and could help to reward employees for exploring the HCM system’s capabilities and share employee feedback.

The Case Study Covers How NRG:

  • Promoted the company’s new HCM system
  • Brought together more than 1,200 employees across the country for the company’s annual volunteering week
  • Developed diverse and creative content that enhanced the employee experience

Download the case study and learn more about how the NRG Energy’s Sustainability and Human Resources teams used WeSpire to collaborate on a company-wide initiative.

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