Reduce Carbon Emissions

WeSpire’s clients around the world are taking bold climate action. Through employee engagement programs focused on reducing carbon emissions, they are leading the way towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Capturing the attention of employees from the very start of the on-boarding experience is incredibly challenging. When you layer on the fact that most organizations already face serious employee engagement and culture issues, the task becomes gargantuan. Through impactful behavior design, the WeSpire platform activates employees and empowers companies to reduce their collective carbon footprint.

Solving the Carbon Problem

WeSpire’s customers are turning to cutting-edge behavior design technologies to engage employees in positive impact initiatives such as sustainability and carbon reduction. WeSpire’s behavior change platform leverages the theories behind engagement, design framework, and best practices to make their work possible. In addition, the platform uses sustainability-focused programs as a building block and amplification tool for corporate initiatives.

The Framework

Before starting any sustainability program, it is important to define what engagement means and looks like to your organization. There are some key questions you should begin asking when strategizing for your employee engagement program, from, “What does success look like?” to “How do you think about your community, employees, and people?”

From an acaedmic perspective, human insight is formed from cultural and behavioral triggers, technology/systems, emotions, and experience. It is key to examine how you are empowering employees to contribute to the organization socially, organizationally, emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively.

The Research

The behavioral science side of engagement connects to the two main drivers of engagement that WeSpire’s research has found: purpose and relationships. WeSpire’s research reveals that the three main factors that contribute to an employee’s engagement include: great managers, program transparency, and employee choice and collaboration.

With this research foundation, WeSpire uses a four-part methodology to engage employees in positive actions, such as reducing carbon by saving electricity:

Reducing Carbon in Practice

With the strong support of their CEO, NRG created inspireMEnrg, their own version of the WeSpire platform that engages employees in positive actions to reduce their carbon footprint, commit to green commuting, and practice water conservation. NRG demonstrated how the organization uses sustainability-focused programs as a building block and amplification tool for corporate initiatives. As a whole, NRG is a great example of an organization that has put a great deal of effort and resources to embed sustainability deeply into their culture, strategy, and vision.

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