Webinar Slides: How to Transition to Virtual Volunteering & Giving

View the presentation from our webinar with our CEO Susan, Givinga’s VP of Strategy Dave Gilmartin, and WeHero co-founder Ben Sampson on best practices for transitioning volunteering and giving efforts into the digital world. Dave highlights many impactful giving opportunities companies have during this time, including matching campaigns, Employee Assistance Funds and Disaster Relief Funds. Ben provides insight into how companies can find appropriate volunteering events for their company, and translate their impact into a stronger mission.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to go about setting up these programs.
  • How you can find volunteering events in line with your company’s mission.
  • How you can measure the impact of these programs on employee engagement.
  • How WeSpire is allowing global companies to measure their volunteering and giving impact.