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White Paper: HR Metrics & Catalysts for Activating an Engaged Workforce

Great Managers Build Engaged Employees: The HR Metrics to Cultivate a Workforce of Trust & Purposeful Action

Employee engagement continues to persist as a critical business challenge, with 87% of employees disengaged in their work globally. Today’s workforce demands purposeful work, and meaningful connections with their colleagues and supervisors. Employee engagement is not only a Human Resources issue; to engage employees, multiple stakeholders–from leadership and managers to individual employees–must collaborate to implement a successful employee engagement strategy. Yet most managers are not equipped with the skills and talent.

Managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement, yet only 18% of current managers have the talent required of their role, finds Gallup.

How can organizations and their HR leaders leverage the power of managers to drive employee engagement?

Download the white paper to learn:

  • The framework for an engaged workforce
  • 3 catalysts for activating your workforce: Choice & Collaboration; Transparency; and Great Managers
  • The new HR metrics for leveraging managers to drive engagement
  • Tangible habits to impact engagement through managers