Report: 2018 State of Employee Engagement Report

Since 2009, WeSpire (and previously Brighter Planet) has been reporting on the effect that employee engagement programs such wellbeing, positive culture, social impact and sustainability can have on employees.

The State of Employee Engagement 2018 findings include that an employee engagement strategy is critical to recruitment and retention, that rewards programs have seen a significant uptick in engagement, and that the vast majority of employees want their company to be a force for positive impact in the world.

This year, WeSpire surveyed more than 1500 U.S. employees across a wide variety of industries to better understand what organizations can do to truly move the dial when it comes to improving employee engagement levels, employee satisfaction and sense of purpose.

This year’s report covers:

  • The impact of a formal engagement strategy on recruitment and retention
  • The most frequently offered employee engagement programs and their participation rates
  • The impact of formal engagement programming on companies of different sizes
  • The connection between having an formal engagement strategy and how employees view their employer