Webinar: A Data-driven Approach to Understanding Diversity Success

In this webinar you'll learn:

- Reasons some diversity programs fail
- How to use data and statistics to prove and disprove hypotheses
- The behavioral factors that are emerging as key drivers of success

Companies often understand the "what" of D&I but not the "why"


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are topping the list of key initiatives for leadership teams. However, is your company using data to determine what’s working, and what’s not? We often find that companies understand the what but not the why of DE&I.

In this webinar, WeSpire Founder & CEO Susan Hunt Stevens shares an innovative, data-driven way to identify the key drivers for successful diversity outcomes in a particular culture.

The WeSpire team used this approach with one of the world’s largest companies to prove, and debunk, key hypotheses and identify crucial demographic and behavioral factors that needed to be addressed.