Culture of Sustainability

Webinar: Using Behavior Design Technology to HR’s Benefit

Disengagement is an issue organizations—particularly HR departments—have to begin tackling before an employee even enters their workforce. The challenge is finding innovative ways to capture the attention and passion of employees from the start.

Originally aired on August 11, 2015, this webinar walks through advice and best practices from behavior change experts Renee Lertzman, engagement strategist and author, and Susan Hunt Stevens, CEO & Founder of WeSpire, on how to best influence human behavior through employee engagement programs.

By specifically using sustainability-focused programs as a building block and amplification tool for corporate initiatives, Katie Ryan, Senior Manager of Sustainability at NRG and WeSpire customer, also walks viewers through her road to success and offers tips for how to grow an employee engagement experience for all employees.

Watch to learn how to:

1) Utilize technology to set a culture standard
2) Raise awareness and close the intent to action gap with behavioral design
3) Tap into the existing organizational values to find programs that “stick”