Behavior Design Resources

Explore our behavior design resources and learn how WeSpire’s innovative technology and great content motivate people to make positive choices. As they take action, they inspire others to do the same—making the places they work and live stronger and better.

The WeSpire platform is effective because it is grounded in behavioral science. All our behavior design resources focus on how our innovative technology transforms cultures and inspires micro-choices that lead to broad social movements. The WeSpire platform moves the needle on sustainability, wellbeing, social impact, and inclusive culture programs. Likewise, WeSpire quantifies the real-time impact of these employee experience initiatives—ultimately driving environmental, social, and business value.

Explore our tried-and-true positive impact campaigns that promote behavior change around the causes that matter. Drive behavior change for your employees across all corporate opportunities—from volunteering to social events—and build a workplace that is connected and engaged.

Photograph of a Man Taking a Hiking in the Forest.
Take a Hike

What if I told you that there was a cure for heart disease, weight gain, memory loss, insecurity and loneliness. That thing is hiking.

Man Walking in Sedona Forest Showing Courage and Adaptability.
Easter Dinner on Tuesday: the Adaptability Imperative

If this year has demanded one skill in particular, it’s adaptability. It’s time to keep focused on the big picture, but be flexible and creative as we re-evaluate the path forward. It is filled with opportunities to try new things and find better solutions to the ways we’ve always done things, even Easter Dinner.

WeSpire’s Behavioral Project Library

The Behavioral Project Library is the first solution of its kind, offering 350+ prebuilt employee engagement programs in areas that align with corporate initiatives.

Photograph of a Woman With Her Arms up to the Sky in Sign of Victory.
Just Win the Day

It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also good to avoid getting fixated on one version of success. Plan everyday to reinforce who you are.

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