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Designing the modern workplace is no small task. Explore our employee experience resources below for ideas on how to create employee-driven, empowering cultures that foster diversity and inclusion, spark connectivity, and align with your organization’s purpose.
At a time when maintaining employee trust and productivity is essential to business performance and growth, organizations are turning to employee experience to engage and inspire their workforce during unprecedented shifts and challenges.

WeSpire’s award-winning employee engagement platform is the first and only platform in the CSR tech market that brings together the four key programs of a forward-thinking culture and impact strategy: sustainability, social impact, wellbeing, and positive workplace culture—all backed by 10+ years of expertise and tested programs.
Sustainable Utility
State Operated Utility Case Study

One of the largest state-operated utility companies in the US focuses on becoming a sustainable organization through both their services and their workplace.

Facing grief at work
Facing Grief at Work

The workplace needs to be a supportive community for our collective COVID grieving that helps all of us who have lost loved ones.

Reunions after COVID are awesome, and also a little awkward
Reunited and It Feels So …

Coming back together after a year apart is so great in many ways, and can also be a little awkward at times. Here are 7 ways to deal with it at work.

Connection, Purpose & Resilience: How to support employee mental health in 2021
Connection, Purpose & Resilience

In this 60-min webinar, learn practical strategies for how to support employee mental health in 2021 through connection, purpose & resilience.

Engaging the Hybrid Workforce Webinar
Engaging the Hybrid Workforce

This year brought on the world’s biggest remote working wave, speeding up the future of the hybrid workforce. Watch this webinar to learn how to drive employee engagement in this new era of hybrid work.

Employee-Experience: Zen Pile of stone
Do You Know Your Isms?

What are our unwritten “Isms” or expectations for behavior? What are our examples of “do this, not that.” What messages do we send?

The Power of Praise

Praise is a powerful motivator at work, at all levels. HBR has cited recognition as the most impactful driver of employee engagement.

I’m Here for the Mission

How many of your employees would say, “I’m here for the mission?” When you think about your own job, are you there for the mission?

Kickstart Employee Engagement

WeSpire’s 2018 State of Employee Engagement findings show there are many ways to kickstart an employee engagement strategy at your company.

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