Purpose Resources

WeSpire believes that all companies should make choices that are good for business and good for the world. Explore our purpose resources below and reflect on how you can align your organization’s mission with values that are core to your workforce.

While leadership- and personal-purpose is transformative, being a purpose-driven company is powerful for the entire enterprise. When a company’s purpose supports the mission and strategy, powerful things are possible. What is your organization’s core purpose? What are the distinguishing differences your company has? What is the big impact, big service, or big difference your workforce can collectively achieve? Explore WeSpire’s purpose resources below.

The ABCs of ESG

Not long ago, I was talking to an attorney friend who works closely with a lot of startups. We were catching up on business when

Why We Need a Marshall Plan for Moms

This Mother’s Day, consider all the moms in your life & what they’ve been through this past year. It’s time to support them how they need it and consider the Marshall Plan for Moms.

Scrabble pieces that spell out the word pause.
Permission to Pause

A purposeful pause is a known practice for restoring balance. As we wind down summer and gear up for the rest of 2020, you have permission to pause.

Picture of localist Debora Frieze delivering her Ted Talk.
Tedx Talk: How I Became a Localist

The opening lines of Deborah Frieze’s Tedx Talk, How I Became a Localist, is quite provocative, especially for those of us who aspire to change the world.

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