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The challenges facing the world today are complex and far-reaching. Now is the time to build a culture of highly engaged employees who want to make a difference. Explore our social impact resources below.
Organizations have an extraordinary opportunity to strategically engage employees for positive social impact in the world. With WeSpire, all employees can more easily give back and make a big difference to their community.
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The ABCs of ESG

Not long ago, I was talking to an attorney friend who works closely with a lot of startups. We were catching up on business when

Protester Holding Sign saying "Organize for a Better Tomorrow".
You Get What You Organize For

Georgia is an great example of the phrase “you get what you organize for.” It is also a reminder of how long it can take for organizing efforts to pay off.

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Giving with WeSpire

WeSpire delivers custom corporate philanthropy and giving capabilities designed to encourage employees to make donations and request matches.

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Commit to a Time to Vote

The ability to vote in the U.S. has been a hard fought battle for many and barriers continue to emerge. This year give employees time to vote.

Campaign for an Antiracist Workplace Webinar Flyer.
Campaign for an Antiracist Workplace

To create an equitable workplace, employees need to be conscious about race and racism and take daily actions to end injustice. In this recording, learn how to move forward into inclusivity and racial equity.

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