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Seeking employee experience resources? WeSpire’s research, insights, and blog covers trends at global companies who are taking action on sustainability, inclusivity, justice, and more—because it’s good for consumers, good for society, and good for the world. Explore below.

Below you will find a wealth of employee experience resources for professionals of all kinds. The case studies, webinars, white papers, insights, and blog posts cover the latest topics in employee engagement, sustainabilitywellbeing, social impact, inclusive culture, leadership, behavior design, and purpose.

Effectively managing your employees’ experience means you’re ensuring that their day-to-day interactions — and the contexts that influence those interactions — enable them to be engaged and successful. WeSpire’s decade of research will support your employee experience strategy and drive effective outcomes for both your employees and your organization. Want to see what WeSpire can do for your workforce? Explore below.

CEO wearing a tee shirt that says "Silence is Complicity" at a protest.
How Far Should CEOs Go

I have chosen as a CEO to make my opinions clear to my employees and to many others as well. But I have drawn a line at sharing my opinions with our users.

Main branch of the Seattle Public Library.
WeSpire’s Behavioral Project Library

The Behavioral Project Library is the first solution of its kind, offering 350+ prebuilt employee engagement programs in areas that align with corporate initiatives.

Start Small graph
Dream Big and Start Small

In behavior change, one of the most important lessons is to set “right-sized” goals. One recipe for success? Dream big and start small.

Hand with first finger being held up to represent #1.
The Challenges of Being First

The “firsts” in our lives matter. They have an outsized impact on progress. Who in your life is trying to be the first at something?

Vote stickers that say "I voted" scattered across a table.
Commit to a Time to Vote

The ability to vote in the U.S. has been a hard fought battle for many and barriers continue to emerge. This year give employees time to vote.

Mural celebrating diversity. It says, "Love is Love."
Reach Equity and Diversity Goals

Creating more inclusive cultures has been a high-priority topic for many companies—but are we hitting the diversity goals we set out to tackle?

Reduce carbon emissions by eating more plants.
Reduce Carbon Emissions

Through employee engagement programs focused on reducing carbon emissions, WeSpire’s customers are leading a more sustainable future.

Scrabble pieces that spell out the word pause.
Permission to Pause

A purposeful pause is a known practice for restoring balance. As we wind down summer and gear up for the rest of 2020, you have permission to pause.

inclusive culture : A sign of support that says: "I understand that I will never understand... however, I stand with you."
The Criticality of Consistency

No one says that achieving consistency is easy. When an inconsistency emerges, leaders simply need to work to fix it and underscore their support.

Engaging the Hybrid Workforce Webinar
Engaging the Hybrid Workforce

This year brought on the world’s biggest remote working wave, speeding up the future of the hybrid workforce. Watch this webinar to learn how to drive employee engagement in this new era of hybrid work.

Leadership: A group of employees hugging outside, viewed from behind.
Just Go

Ask yourself: “If I died today, what would I regret?” Write down what comes to mind, if anything. Then, just go.

Employee-Experience: Yellow front porch with a wicker bench.
The Power of a Porch

This pandemic has illustrated quite dramatically for me the power of a porch. Most importantly, they enable what matters to us when much else is stripped from our lives: connection and community.

Campaign for an Antiracist Workplace Webinar
Campaign for an Antiracist Workplace

To create an equitable workplace, employees need to be conscious about race and racism and take daily actions to end injustice. In this recording, learn how to move forward into inclusivity and racial equity.

Inclusive culture : Black Lives Matter sign, held by an activist taking action.
Action is the Only Option

Yes, words help to inspire action, but ultimately what matters is what you do. And when you do something and share it, your actions inspire others.

Leadership: launch of a space shuttle
Go Ahead, Launch!

Harboring an idea for a new business? Just handed the circumstances to take the leap? Right now, the world needs brave people like you. Go ahead and launch.

Leadership: excalibur sword
Slaying the Naysayers

Whenever anyone does something innovative, new, or different, the naysayers are everywhere. Thankfully, they have little power over us.

Leadership: reflections of stars on a black background
Making the Case for Optimism

As hard as it is right now, don’t be afraid to channel your optimism and do what you can do to prepare for or lean into that scenario now.

Employee-Wellbeing-Woman with her arms up to the sky.
Just Win the Day

It’s good to have a plan, but it’s also good to avoid getting fixated on one version of success. Plan everyday to reinforce who you are.

Celebrate Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day Digitally

Seeking best practices for digital engagement in sustainability? Want to celebrate Earth Day digitally? Watch this webinar to learn more.

Social Impact Open hand in the rising sun.
How to Help During COVID-19

Communities are setting up funds to help those out of work, who are food insecure, who lack child care. Now is the time to dig deep and help.

Sign for purpose that says "This must be the place."
Purpose. What Is It?

Purpose has three core categories: personal, social, and societal. Each is equally important and purpose-driven businesses must consider all three.

Employee-Experience: Zen Pile of stone
Do You Know Your Isms?

What are our unwritten “Isms” or expectations for behavior? What are our examples of “do this, not that.” What messages do we send?

Leadership: Graffiti reading "Courage"
How to Cultivate Courage

In this era, moral courage might be one of the most critical leadership skills. But is one just born courageous or can you cultivate courage?

The Power of Praise

Praise is a powerful motivator at work, at all levels. HBR has cited recognition as the most impactful driver of employee engagement.

Sustainability: global warming clock
Leading with a Ten Year Clock

In the next ten years, how should we lead? I’ve observed some patterns among these leaders that provide optimism, hope, and a roadmap.

wall with dozens of post-it
An Unbalanced Life Worth Living

I swore I would never write about work-life balance. My reasons were in part to avoid perpetuating the gender stereotype. I find it’s a topic

Are You What Your People Eat?

A small change to how people eat will will prevent an estimated 445 million pounds of CO2 emissions, save 16.6 billion gallons of water, and save more than 15 million animals’ lives by 2023.

I’m Here for the Mission

How many of your employees would say, “I’m here for the mission?” When you think about your own job, are you there for the mission?

inclusive culture : ray of blue light forming a heart shape
Why even CEOs Need Allies

We all have opportunitiesbe an ally. It requires a mix of awareness, empathy, courage, and persuasion. And CEOs have to recognize our own privilege.

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