With more than a decade of experience, WeSpire employee engagement consultants partner with our clients to create purpose-centric engagement strategies that help turn ambitious impact goals into reality.

As businesses reimagine the nature of work and their role in society, their employee engagement strategy must evolve as well. From research and strategy, to design and activation, WeSpire’s employee engagement consultants will align your employee engagement approach to the most important drivers of business, environmental and social impact success.

Whether you need to better understand the opportunities to improve or make the business case to senior leadership on the return on investment for new initiatives, WeSpire’s employee engagement consultants are here to help. Grounded in more than a decade of experience, WeSpire’s services arm will help you evaluate the current state of impact engagement efforts, outline the next steps needed to advance your engagement programs and provide detailed programs to accelerate your transformative impact.

The WeSpire Approach

WeSpire works to understand your business, strategic vision, and purpose. Then, we develop engagement strategies that address your needs today and enable you to tackle challenges that lay ahead. By listening and understanding your business direction, WeSpire crafts a plan and business case for launching a new impact engagement program or taking an existing program to the next level.

When is a services project helpful?

  • When you are just beginning to put together a purpose-centric employee engagement program
  • When you have new impact goals, a new corporate purpose, or need to align your existing programs to a new impact strategy
  • When you are coming to the end of a program and want to evaluate progress
  • When you are working to create a plan to take your program to the next level

A strategic review with our employee engagement consultants help companies assess current state and desired future state.

  • What are your purpose-centric employee engagement goals and strategies?
  • What current programs and practices exist today?
  • What tools are being used to design, market, and measure these engagement efforts?
  • What data is being gathered and shared?
  • What is the business value that could be generated by a new approach to engagement?

Transformative Analytics

WeSpire’s services consultants uncover and analyze not just the existing initiatives, but also the prevailing attitudes and behaviors that exist in your workplace that may accelerate or hinder success. These transformative behavioral and attitudinal insights will help your company achieve results in every facet of your ESG and social impact programs.

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