State Operated Utility Becomes a Sustainable Organization


This case focuses on one of the largest state-operated utilities in the United States. The facility aims to make sustainability one of its core values, and its corporate culture is shifting to focus on becoming a sustainable organization through both their services and their workplace. In 2017, the organization relaunched their Environmental Justice and Sustainability program to work towards this goal. In addition to supporting communities outside of the organization to embrace sustainability, they knew that they needed to take action within their own company to fully become a sustainable organization. They chose to implement the WeSpire platform in April 2018 as a way to engage employees and motivate participation in activities that drive their sustainability initiatives. These initiatives include programs such as Refuse Single Use, the Green Commute Campaign, and the Zero Waste Initiative. After a strong initial launch resulting from targeted recruitment efforts and in-person events, the company’s employees are taking extraordinary Actions on WeSpire every day, moving them forward as an advocate for sustainable workplaces while increasing positive workplace culture.

“WeSpire is a key part of [our] sustainability engagement strategy. The platform makes it possible to effectively engage employees across all our sites, creating community around environmental stewardship and social justice while improving [our] sustainability performance.”

Vice President
Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Program Strategy

With WeSpire, the organization was able to choose from over 300 pre-made templates to easily create campaigns and content to fit their initiatives. The platform also offers the opportunity to create behavioral campaigns from scratch, without being an expert in behavior design. The company was able to create content such as the Environmental Justice Campaign to engage and educate employees on creating a fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens across all communities. Many of the stock campaigns have been customized to be specific to the organization, which is strongly recommended as it makes activities more relevant to each organization’s employee base and therefore promotes increased engagement.

Campaign Success Story

The company’s annual Refuse Single Use Challenge was a four-week long campaign aimed at encouraging people to avoid single-use disposable items for one week. This year was the first year that the company ran the challenge through WeSpire’s platform. Previously, they had no efficient way of tracking and logging the results of the challenge. With WeSpire, all the actions and results from the campaign were already in one place, making it incredibly easy to see its impact. In addition, participants loved the instant gratification factor of being able to see their own actions on the platform as well as how their coworkers were doing in the challenge. As a result, this year’s challenge had some of the highest engagement and activity.

Implementation Strategy & Results

After an immensely successful initial launch led by the Sustainability Project Coordinator, the company’s employee engagement with WeSpire remains strong, driven by communication outreaches. These communication outreaches, called Broadcasts, are another feature that WeSpire provides. Broadcasts post messages to the platform, send notifications and/or emails to subscribed users, and are proven to drive engagement and increased Action completions. WeSpire’s unique ability to gather valuable employee data using built-in analytics then lets the company know which campaigns, broadcasts, and messages resonate and engage the most with their employee base. Through the data insights that they gathered from WeSpire, this particular company has found that sending 2-3 broadcast emails per month regarding relevant content specific to their organization is the most efficient way to engage their employees. WeSpire also provided the sustainable organization with the tools to see how much impact their employees are making through clear analytics and savings results.

About WeSpire

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