WeSpire Impact Report 2019- Building a Better Working World

The start of the decade inspired the team at WeSpire to look back at the outcomes we catalyzed in partnership with our amazing customers over the past year and all-time. Our collective impact is growing tremendously, with over 35% of ALL current users enrolling in 2019 alone. Our platform grew 800% in new users over the past five years, helping us hit 12 million positive actions all-time! That’s employees inspiring each other to volunteer and give, to lead recycling and conservation efforts, strive for healthier lives at work, and encourage inclusivity of backgrounds and ideas, all to build a more purposeful company.

This impact is felt far outside the boundaries of the workplace. A 44% increase in volunteer hours from just one year ago, in addition to the launch of our new Employee Giving feature, enables employees to participate in causes they believe in and have a direct impact on their communities.  

This momentum leaves us incredibly excited to see how our community will continue to grow in 2020 and beyond. We feel so fortunate to work with powerful, forward-thinking organizations aiming to change what success means in their industries. We also love helping companies just starting to think how they can inspire a better working world. Thank you for being a part of our community and we hope to see more of you in 2020!

Take a closer look at the rest of our highlights below, and be sure to share with anyone you know striving for a better impact! You can find this infographic on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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