WeSpire Releases The State of Employee Engagement in Sustainability and CSR [Research Report]

What if 100% of your employees were engaged in your business? According to Gallup, that would translate to an increase of anywhere from $450B to $550B in increased revenue for U.S. companies alone. Those are daunting numbers in the macro. But what matters is how it translates to your business. Even if it were only 1% of your revenue, wouldn’t you want to know?

Leading to engage

The HBR May cover article Blue Ocean Leadership uses the Gallup research as a jumping off point to examine the issue of lack of employee engagement from a leadership perspective. Their primary focus is the importance of training executives to properly lead, and they lay out a four-step approach to get there. It’s all good, and well worth the read.

What the article didn’t touch on was the how of getting ‘ and keeping ‘ employees enthused, engaged and committed to the company and each other’s success. What works, what doesn’t? What’s the best use of people’s time and company resources to help ensure that result? And, specifically, does mission-based leadership play a role?

Discovering what works in employee engagement

That’s what we looked at in our new employee engagement research report, The State of Employee Engagement in Sustainability and CSR. Five years of trending data provide the answer; giving insight to the evolution of sustainability and CSR in driving effective employee engagement.

HR is increasingly viewed as the main advocate for sustainability.

Among the results is the growing influence of Millenials (those under 30) in shaping sustainability and CSR strategy for organizations. They want more purpose and greater value in their work’and where they work. They want to learn more about what their employer and co-workers are doing in this area. And, given their propensity for social media, we know they’ll share that information. So the human resources function, charged with attracting and retaining talent, is getting more involved.

The survey also showed that employee engagement policies on sustainability have been increasing over time, and increasing significantly. Almost twice as many organizations now have an official policy in place, compared to 2011 data.

These findings are completely congruent with what we’re experiencing with our customers ‘who are some of the largest global businesses’and with what we’re seeing in the market in general.

Download the full report

There is a tremendous amount of rich information in this research, and we invite you to download the full report. Our hope is it will inform roadmap development for even more effective employee engagement strategies, and capture some of that Gallup-cited lost revenue!

WeSpire Employee Engagement Research ReportClick here to download WeSpire’s employee engagement research report “The State of Employee Engagement in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.”