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Engage the power of your employees

Over 2 million positive actions taken across 45 countries.

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We can help you achieve your business goals with our library of projects that drive positive impact. We can also work with you to create custom projects.

Energy Efficiency
Users of our platform have collectively saved enough energy to power NYC for over 2 hours.
Social Impact
Employees can track their volunteer activity - including hours and location.
Create a healthy workplace culture with projects around food, fitness and lifestyle.
Water Conservation
Users of our platform have collectively saved enough water to fill over 648,000 bathtubs.
Safety & Security
Onboard and train employees to make the workplace more efficient and safe.
Employee Recognition
Users receive acknowledgement for taking postive action, inspiring others to participate.
Save $250 per User
Reach Sustainability Goals
Attract & Retain Talent
Increase Customer Loyalty
Enhance Brand
Drive Innovation

Available Across Mobile and Web

Whether at a desk, facility, or on the road - employees can access your program 24/7.

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