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sustainable development goals

How Any Company Can Support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed upon back in April, when global leaders came together to discuss in Paris. The goals are a huge step forward, but are audacious, and may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance.
Women In Technology

Women Are Taking The Tech Industry By Storm

Reshma Saujani, Founder of the non-profit "Girls Who Code," has one inspiring mission, close the gender gap in technology, and she is doing exactly that.
recycling bins at work

10 Environmentally Friendly Actions Everyone Will Want to Take

Some people may be more interested in environmental sustainability than others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t do their part when it comes to corporate sustainability efforts. 
employee motivation

Motivation: One Piece of The Employee Engagement Puzzle

Chris White, managing director of the University of Michigan’s Positive Business Organization, is is an expert on leadership and positive change, which is why we paid special attention when he recently wrote about the challenges associated with motivating employees.
non-office employees

Employee Engagement for All

Many organizations have developed in-office programs to improve employee engagement levels, but what about the two thirds of all U.S. employees who don’t work in offices?
employee engagement blogs

Our Most Popular Employee Engagement Blog Posts

Are you looking for actionable information and best practices around employee engagement? Here are our most read blog posts on employee engagement topics.
Employees Need Vacation

Why Employees Should Use ALL Their Vacation Days

Not encouraging your employees to take vacation days could be costing your company, in a big way.
Creating employee personas

The Importance of Employee Personas, Part 2

We’re hearing more HR leaders talk about the importance of employee personas. To help you develop your organization’s own personas, we’ve put together this simple 3-step plan.
you can't sit with us

You Can’t Sit With Us

“You can’t sit with us,” this infamous line from the movie “Mean Girls,” while crass, may have been forecasting a trend, much bigger than the pun originally planned.
employee personas

The Importance of Employee Personas, Part 1

Marketing has been creating buyer personas for years. Now, cutting edge HR organizations are developing employee personas.