Behavior Design Model

WeSpire specializes in creating intuitive, interactive employee experiences that close the gap between intent and action and change human behavior for the better.
WeSpire takes influences from the two main behavior design models set out by BJ Fogg of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and Robert Cialdini, professor and author of Influence The Psychology of Persuasion. At the crux of the WeSpire platform are Cialdini’s two principle behavior design models: “social proof” and “liking.” By acknowledging and measuring behaviors over time, WeSpire brings visibility to everyday actions that may otherwise go unnoticed. This communal recognition fosters new social norms within the workplace and builds a foundation of positive feedback.

Motivation within the platform follows Fogg’s Behavior Grid. People enter the platform at varying abilities and map their own path to success. The platform supports engagement and continued behavior change through interactivity, customized notifications, and personalized tracking. In order for these behavior design principles to work, WeSpire weaves in incentives and an element of fun through game design techniques.

What drives WeSpire’s behavior design?

WeSpire is trusted by the world’s leading brands to focus on the work that truly drives their business forward. Through game and social based learning, WeSpire’s experience in the marketplace shows that behavior change at scale is possible. With a decade of inquiry and investigation informing our work, WeSpire conducts research, shares insights, and creates practical solutions that help the global workforce become happier, healthier, and more productive.

Motivation, Ability, Prompt

WeSpire is at the forefront of behavior design, and we are always innovating for you—building solutions that are simple, intuitive, and ready to launch. Our platform leverages the Fogg Behavior Model, which identifies the three elements required for action: motivation, ability, and prompts. When employees are sufficiently motivated, have the ability and framework for new behaviors, and are prompted to take action, the entire company can make and measure progress against specific targets. Read more about our behavior design model.

Game Design

Applying game design techniques, in conjunction with the behavior design principles, has led to real-time results for our customers. Through customized points systems, employees track their own journey. This enables them to both celebrate their own milestones and measure progress against organizational benchmarks and values.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We know you are committed to delivering a meaningful, thoughtful engagement program for everyone you serve. The WeSpire platform aggregates behavioral data and delivers tailored insights that address specific areas of opportunity. WeSpire’s analytics will become your best tool for decision making, allowing powerful insight into your employee’s perceptions and priorities.

Behavioral Programs Library

Our Edison Award-winning behavioral programs library contains hundreds of battle-tested campaigns. These programs are designed to increase an employees ability and motivation to take action across many themes and topics. This library is constantly being updated, both by the WeSpire content team and by our customers, who are given the opportunity to share their most successful initiatives. As a result, the strength of the WeSpire platform increases exponentially based on the experiences of our network. Read more about the library.

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