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This Online Quiz Can Change the World

Saturday Spark #5 By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO I am a sucker for online quizzes, whether learning that I’m most like Darryl Philbin in The Office or that Austin, TX is the city that most fits my personality (who knew?). So when I learned from one of the campaigns on WeSpire about a short, […]

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State of Employee Engagement 2019

This week was a big week at WeSpire, as our 7th annual State of Employee Engagement research report was released.  This year, we surveyed over 1,700 full-time US employees and expanded our survey to include a separate track for employees in human resources, as well as added more questions about preferences for rewards/incentives and additional […]

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Why even CEOs Need Allies

Saturday Spark #4 By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO On Monday morning, I woke up at 3:50am and set out for New York City in the middle of a blizzard. My destination was a CEO-only summit for the top 100 fastest growing SaaS companies. For the first time, WeSpire made the list. I arrived […]

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How Cleaning Your Closets Can Change Your Culture

Saturday Spark #3 By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO For the past few weeks, I’ve been transitioning our children’s playroom to a room for teens. Our family challenge was to try and do it without buying anything new and coming out economically even, spending no more than we were able to generate by selling […]

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Can You Lose Your Purpose?

Saturday Spark #2 By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO One thing I love about my job is that I get to interview different people about their unique cultures at work. So last week, it was rather unusual to have eerily similar, very honest, almost heartbreaking conversations: I don’t really know how or why, we […]

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Finding the Signal through the Noise

Saturday Spark #1 By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO Like many tech startup CEOs, my natural speed of life is fast. I talk fast, eat fast, type quickly, and walk at a good clip. High-speed spinning, with a splash of soul, is not shockingly, my workout of choice. I cram as much as humanly […]

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Moving From “What” to “Why” of Diversity Success: Measuring D&I Progress With a New Methodology

By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO of WeSpire Improving diversity metrics and creating more inclusive cultures has been a high-priority topic for many companies for years, but certainly the past 18 months have brought even higher profile to this topic. From the start-up community’s #Founders4Change initiative to the 400 CEO’s who have signed the […]

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Can the clean energy transition be financed by culture change?

By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO of WeSpire Last week was Climate Week in New York City. Timed to coincide with the UN General Assembly, it is a series of events to, as the organization describes it, “showcase amazing climate action and discusses how to do more”.  Over 140 different events occurred in categories […]

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Four Secrets of Start-up Success Rarely Mentioned in Bootcamps and Board Rooms

By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO of WeSpire In June, I was asked to be a keynote speaker for 30 entrepreneurs participating in the 2018 East Coast Academy organized and produced by the Cleantech Open Northeast. This is an intensive two-day bootcamp that kicks off the annual Cleantech Open accelerator. As a fellow entrepreneur in this sector, the […]

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The Narrowing Gap Between the “Right” Thing and the “Smart” Thing To Do In Business

NAEM recently held their 2018 Sustainability Management Conference in Providence, RI where environment and sustainability leaders from organizations around the country met around the common goal of cultivating more impactful company cultures. Having a sustainable mission has become a pride point for customers in today’s age of consuming, and therefore has become a smart business […]

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Top 5 differences between the Norwegian and U.S. working culture

As the largest economy in the world, the U.S. has had a tremendous effect on the overall Norwegian culture, including the fact that Norwegians are craving American pop culture. But when honing in on a few specific areas related to working culture, i.e. labour unions, employment rights, work-life balance and equality, it is clear to […]

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Can sports teams be role models for inclusivity?

Last week, I had the honor of speaking on the mainstage at the 8th annual Green Sports Alliance Summit. It was my second time speaking, but six years ago the topic was what you would expect from WeSpire at a sustainability conference:  how to inspire people to save energy, waste, water and fuel. This year, […]

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