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    How Courageous Conversations Drive Action & Impact

    Learn how to have courageous conversations to help foster workplace inclusivity and drive action & impact with this on-demand webinar.

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    In this 60-minute webinar, Sharhea Wade, Vice President, Head of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, North America at State Street, and Malia Lazu, CEO and Founder of The Urban Labs, discuss how Courageous Conversations can help you shift gears from intention to impact and jump start meaningful change in equity and inclusion to drive action and impact.

    You will learn how to:

    • Jump start your inclusion and diversity strategies through listening, data, and representation
    • Develop top down and bottom up approaches to DEI that really matter
    • Communicate effectively and engage all employees to shift your culture
    • Set transparent goals to measure your impact and hold yourself accountable to your commitments
    • Look at outcomes in terms of equity to build a more antiracist workplace

    Most companies recognize the business benefits of diverse workforces (increased profitability, innovation, and recruiting) and have made commitments to diversity and equity in the past year as part of the moral imperative. But, how do companies actually make their intentions for inclusive workplaces a reality? How do you walk the walk and make a real impact on company culture, employee sense of belonging, and address systemic issues and biases?

    Watch the webinar below for best practices about addressing racism and inequality in the workplace and building an inclusive culture for all employees.

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