Employee Carbon Management

WeSpire empowers your employees to understand their carbon footprint and take actionable steps to reduce their impact.


Measure your footprint

With WeSpire Employee Carbon Management, you can quickly and easily get the data needed for reporting your ESG impact and progress. Engaging your employees year round in that process not only provides greater visibility into their carbon footprint and reduction activities to tie to your collective impact, but it also transforms them into your most significant asset to meet your net-zero goals.

Discover our solution

With WeSpire, you can take control of your employee scope 3 reduction efforts and maximize their impact, turning your biggest corporate asset into your most valuable.

Employee carbon pathways

Engage your employees in your ESG strategy with guided actions and education to help them reduce their carbon footprints.

Given the dramatic shift toward remote work and subsequent increased emissions generated by working from home, companies need to reconsider their approach to Scope 3 emissions and gain insight into employee carbon footprints and home energy use. Innovative solutions to drive ESG performance are imperative to build towards a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy more effectively and meet Net Zero goals.
Kim Knickle
Research Director for ESG
and Sustainability at

When companies care, we can make an impact

With our employee engagement super powers, together we’ve reached this. Track, coordinate, and celebrate your philanthropy with WeSpire’s modern CSR platform.


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Request a demo of the new Employee Carbon Management suite of tools or chat with a WeSpire team member to find out how you can engage your employees in your sustainability initiatives to reach your climate goals.

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