Our Expertise

WeSpire’s employee experience technology drives positive behavior change at scale and creates workplaces that are great for your people, your financial performance and for society.

Whether companies have 2030 targets to hit or want to transform their culture to be more agile and inclusive, change has always been a high water mark for any kind of employee experience initiative. For over a decade, WeSpire has provided solutions that motivate and drive behavior change for the long-term. Since 2010, WeSpire has been at the forefront of persuasive technology, using social mechanics, game mechanics and personalization to drive positive behavior change at scale. Through WeSpire, companies are able to design programs and interventions with enduring impact. As a result, companies are able to drive desired behaviors, strengthen purpose, and create growth mindsets in the workplace.

Our behavior change platform moves the needle on sustainability, wellbeing, social impact, and inclusive culture programs. Likewise, WeSpire quantifies the real-time impact of these employee experience initiatives—ultimately driving environmental, social, and business value.

Why WeSpire?

The WeSpire platform is effective because it is grounded in behavioral science. WeSpire’s team of behavior change experts have long had an eye on the combination of employee engagement, digital tools, and positive impact. Our technology ensures your engagement programs deliver value to your businesses, employees, and communities. Our software and services are human-centered—always considering the experience of the end user. As a result, WeSpire significantly reduces the internal workload and expertise required to best manage employee engagement communications and measure impact.

At its core, WeSpire is focused on driving employee activation. Through great content, cutting-edge gamification, social networking, and pro-social rewards, WeSpire motivates employees to see themselves as a key part of their company’s purpose.

Build a Better Working World

WeSpire’s mission is to inspire people to build a better working world. By catalyzing a network effect of positive action, we enable companies to transform cultures. Coupled with our behavior-based programs, companies can lead positive change for their employees and harness the business value of belonging, purpose, and achievement.

Change for Good

WeSpire works with companies around the world on sustainabilitysocial impactwellbeing, and inclusive culture initiatives that reach over 2 million employees. Now more than ever, WeSpire works to protect the safety and health of the workforce, drive employee philanthropy and employee assistance funds, and equip employees to develop resilience in and outside of the workplace. Read more about our what powers our behavior design.

Research for Good

Through groundbreaking research and interactive partnerships, WeSpire helps forward-thinking, global companies engage employees and invite employees to bring their whole selves to work. Explore the WeSpire Insights research, data, and analysis on the latest trends in employee engagement.

Brands for Good

A majority of employees today want to live a more sustainable life and support a more sustainable future. WeSpire, alongside a coalition of leading global brands, is part of the Brands For Good consortium. We empower companies to embed environmental and social purpose into the heart of their products and experiences. Our specific area of expertise is co-leading the Sustainable Lifestyle Transformation Roadmap workstream with Futerra. We’ve collaborated on a platform that shifts behaviors and drives positive impact for people, communities, and the planet we share. Read more about this innovative approach to behavior change.

Read More about WeSpire's Approach to Behavior Change

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Take a Hike

What if I told you that there was a cure for heart disease, weight gain, memory loss, insecurity and loneliness. That thing is hiking.

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