Reach Equity and Diversity Goals

Improving diversity metrics and creating more inclusive cultures has been a high-priority topic for many companies for the last decade—but are we hitting the diversity goals we set out to tackle? From the local start-up community’s Tech Compact for Social Justice initiative to the 400 CEOs signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge over the last two years, intent to act is high. In terms of importance, recent Deloitte research shows that, through a coalition approach, employers can help disrupt barriers to employment and access untapped talent for marginalized populations.

What we’ve learned through our diversity work with customers is that they often know data about “what” but not “why.”  They know that 15% of leaders are women, but they don’t know what the women or under-represented minorities who succeeded had in common, either with each other or their majority colleagues. They don’t know what about the demographic, situational, or behavioral/cultural factors had a positive or negative impact on successful outcomes.

To uncover these factors, we have refined a methodology that helps companies learn what the statistically significant factors for success are. If you are struggling to hit your diversity goals despite following most, if not all of the best practices, the WeSpire methodology is your key to success in 2021.

Are you ready to build a better working world?