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Purpose-driven leadership is the WeSpire way. We empower our customers to adpot a model where business align with core values and beliefs.
As the leader of a purpose-driven company, it is important to “walk the walk” at the intersection of purpose, mission, and leadership. Of course, purpose-driven leadership is more than just the leader. Its benefits extend far and wide. Purpose is something that is a unique contribution—at the personal level and the company level—that shows character, brings, excitement, and works as your deepest internal driver. Finding your purpose and becoming purpose-driven requires reflection and considerable analysis. Explore our resources below to get started.
Sustainable Utility
State Operated Utility Case Study

One of the largest state-operated utility companies in the US focuses on becoming a sustainable organization through both their services and their workplace.

Facing grief at work
Facing Grief at Work

The workplace needs to be a supportive community for our collective COVID grieving that helps all of us who have lost loved ones.

Reunions after COVID are awesome, and also a little awkward
Reunited and It Feels So …

Coming back together after a year apart is so great in many ways, and can also be a little awkward at times. Here are 7 ways to deal with it at work.

Rowing in a scull
Failure Can Save Your Life

In early September, I got back into a rowing shell for the first time in seventeen years. Only this time, instead of 7 other women

CEO wearing a tee shirt that says "Silence is Complicity" at a protest.
How Far Should CEOs Go

I have chosen as a CEO to make my opinions clear to my employees and to many others as well. But I have drawn a line at sharing my opinions with our users.

Hand with first finger being held up to represent #1.
The Challenges of Being First

The “firsts” in our lives matter. They have an outsized impact on progress. Who in your life is trying to be the first at something?

Vote stickers that say "I voted" scattered across a table.
Commit to a Time to Vote

The ability to vote in the U.S. has been a hard fought battle for many and barriers continue to emerge. This year give employees time to vote.

Leadership: A group of employees hugging outside, viewed from behind.
Just Go

Ask yourself: “If I died today, what would I regret?” Write down what comes to mind, if anything. Then, just go.

Leadership: launch of a space shuttle
Go Ahead, Launch!

Harboring an idea for a new business? Just handed the circumstances to take the leap? Right now, the world needs brave people like you. Go ahead and launch.

Leadership: excalibur sword
Slaying the Naysayers

Whenever anyone does something innovative, new, or different, the naysayers are everywhere. Thankfully, they have little power over us.

Leadership: Graffiti reading "Courage"
How to Cultivate Courage

In this era, moral courage might be one of the most critical leadership skills. But is one just born courageous or can you cultivate courage?

wall with dozens of post-it
An Unbalanced Life Worth Living

I swore I would never write about work-life balance. My reasons were in part to avoid perpetuating the gender stereotype. I find it’s a topic

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