Social Impact

Organizations have an extraordinary opportunity to strategically engage employees for positive social impact in the world. With WeSpire, all employees can more easily give back and make a big difference to their community.

Screenshot of WeSpire's Employee Social Impact Software.

The challenges facing the world today are complex and far-reaching. For your company’s workforce, solutions may feel out of reach. Now is the time to build a culture of highly engaged employees who give their time, talent, and treasure to their community. From volunteering, community engagement, and civic participation, to giving and grants management, WeSpire’s platform helps to realize every employees’ power to do good.

Shaping a collective sense of purpose for your employees strengthens your company’s core social values. The Social Impact module supports employee giving and volunteering, alongside disaster response and assistance, and has a strong alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What kind of social impact can your company have?

To solve our most important problems — from climate change and food insecurity, to access to technology and high-quality education — WeSpire believes that we need to engage the entire workforce. There’s a role for all organizations to contribute to strategic systems change.

A cross-sectoral approach to social impact provides an opportunity for employees to connect their work to impact. Research shows that employees with a sense of impact from their workplace have increased productivity as well as more resilient mental and physical wellbeing.

With Wespire’s platform, employees can give and volunteer together. Companies can match their workforce to opportunities based on location, skills needed, and mission. And employees can register and attend volunteering and community events, both in person and virtual, with ease. Rich reporting and analytics align social impact with revenue, so companies can meaningfully measure and communicate the impact of their workforce.

Giving, Grants Management, Employee Assistance Funds

WeSpire, alongside our innovative philanthropy partners, delivers custom corporate philanthropy capabilities designed to maximize tax savings and giving impact. From matching donations to grant management, transactions are seamless.

Volunteering and Events Management

The key to unlocking purpose in your workforce is to provide a way for everyone to stand up and say, “I can do something about this.” WeSpire’s volunteering functionality connects employees to missions that matter to them and to the company.

Quantify Corporate Social Responsibility Impact​

WeSpire’s analytics functionality has the power to link your key performance indicators in human resources—such as employee tenure, promotion, performance, happiness, and likelihood to recommend your company—to your social impact programs. With our seamless integrations and survey and sentiment measuring tools, employees can provide real-time feedback and blended data points to provide insight into the business value of your program.

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT - Personal Grants Accounts

Personal Grants Accounts boost participation in corporate matching programs by 6x the national average

Increase participation in corporate matching programs and ensure money isn’t being left on the table with Personal Grant Accounts. Join the prosocial rewards movement and distribute digital funds that empower employee giving in a personalized and localized way. With Personal Grants Accounts, corporate matching funds and philanthropic dollars are put directly into the hands of employees to give to the causes that they care about, which removes the burden on the employee to contribute their own funds upfront and instead empowers them to easily participate in employee giving programs.

Rather than the logistically complex tangible rewards, use Personal Grant Accounts for:


  • Holiday employee gifts

  • Competition winner rewards

  • Recognition for a job well done

  • Reward for volunteering

  • Carbon offsetting employee footprints

  • An more engaging alternative to Matching

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