Inspire your employees to help others and see your own results improve

Inspiring Volunteering

Help employees discover the right volunteering opportunities, register with ease, and share their experiences with others. Volunteer Event Managers will be able to create, market, and get reports on all company events and personal volunteering hours. 

Increase Giving

WeSpire’s new corporate philanthropy capabilities enable employees to give directly to vetted charities, request matches, see their donation history, and invite colleagues to donate. Philanthropy managers will be able to create and market giving campaigns and get reports on all company donations, grants and matches.

“How do you connect somebody in Omaha with somebody in Germany and actually show that they really are working on similar things and making an impact together? When they’re taking small actions and there are lots of little things, they can start to feel like they’re not making much of a difference, but when you add them all together, they see that thousands of people taking the same actions together add up to make a huge impact.”

J.D. Norton, Global Manager, Employee Engagement Social Innovation