Strengthening the communities where we live and work have never been more important. WeSpire accelerates sustainability actions that inspire your employees, serve your customers, and address urgent environmental impacts.
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In response to the urgent call-to-action to address the most pressing problems facing our world today, every employee is asking how they can contribute to environmental goals and solutions, both at work and at home. WeSpire’s employee engagement sustainability programs empower companies to provide specific activities that make a difference, from reducing emissions, waste and water usage to driving new sustainability innovations, which in turn improve operational costs and revenue. This dynamic feedback loop of catalyzing action to drive impact enables teams to make decisions, optimize performance, and ensure continuous improvement.

As countries begin to mandate employee engagement efforts tied to carbon reduction, the WeSpire platform provides the data required for compliance. WeSpire analytics can be used to report on Scope 3 emissions impact as well as in corporate social responsibility reporting. The sustainability module has a strong alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why is Sustainability Important?

Sustainability is good for society, good for employees, and good for business. While protecting the environment, companies that prioritize environmentalism experience better recruitment and retention rates, as well as increased employee productivity. Additionally, organizations that engage their employees in sustainable practices see the results in their bottom line, reporting high levels of financial return.

WeSpire’s award-winning sustainability module helps employees lead more sustainable lives at work and at home through education, motivation, and action that drives long-lasting behavior change. Powered by WeSpire, organizations can promote better habits and reduce their use of energy, waste, water, and fuel.

Behavior Design for Future Generations ​

The motivations behind sustainability are complex, personal, and diverse. For most people, it comes down to the kind of future we are leaving for the next generation. WeSpire’s platform leverages behavior design to educate and activate employees around the key sustainability behaviors or values of your company.

All Employees Drive Positive Environmental Change

Regardless of location, language, or title, everyone at your company can participate in your company’s sustainability program. WeSpire’s platform and programs fast-track meaningful progress in your journey to become a more sustainable company.

More Insights on Growing your Sustainability Impact

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