Workplace resilience and wellbeing puts your employees first. Leveraging the power of behavior design, craft a wellness strategy to address mental, social, emotional, financial, and physical health. In return, your employees will invest in their careers and your company.

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According to the CDC, forty percent of workers report that their jobs are highly stressful, while a quarter identify their job as the top stressor in their lives. Physical and mental job stress are critical drivers of individual health problems, which lead to higher absenteeism, turnover, and loss of productivity. Fortunately, employee engagement interventions can help. Research shows companies who prioritize health out-perform their competitors and create thriving workplaces that are more profitable and creative. Likewise, equipping employees with technology that promotes healthy behaviors energizes them to take action. WeSpire’s platform promotes accountability, interactivity, and friendly competition—all of which lead to improved perceptions of success and effectiveness.

The WeSpire Wellbeing Module focuses on increasing individual resilience and encourages employees to live healthier lifestyles. Knowing that most workplaces benefit from a tailored wellbeing strategy that incorporates both the needs of the work environment and the employee population, the module is aimed at enhancing employees’ holistic health by improving every facet of health. Programs target meditation and mindfulness, family-work-life integration, movement, and fitness to engage employees in making positive changes to their lifestyles, both in the workplace and at home.

Why is Wellbeing at Work Important?

Wellbeing directly affects employees’ attitudes about work, their performance, productivity, and relationships. Research shows happy and satisfied employees place more trust in their supervisors and are more willing to participate in reaching company goals and to voice their opinions and ideas. Employees with better wellbeing stay at companies longer, are absent less, and perform better, all of which is ultimately reflected in organizational financial performance.

When employees engage in wellbeing programs that drive behavior change, habits, and attitudes on the individual level, the impact radiates through the company and into client relationships. Small changes to individuals can have a cumulative effect on productivity and, in turn, your bottom line. Research has shown that employee wellbeing is also positively associated with customer satisfaction as well as environments of inclusion, belonging, and improved healthy habits.

Wellbeing Habit Formation with Data-Driven "Nudges"

WeSpire’s wellbeing platform is built to encourage health-promoting habit formation. One of the best ways to encourage employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle is to help them track where they started and where they are headed. Using behavioral data, alongside inputs from wearables, the platform cultivates habits that suit individualized and collective goals and uses data-driven nudges to spur activity and community engagement.

More Insights about Improving your employee's wellbeing

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What if I told you that there was a cure for heart disease, weight gain, memory loss, insecurity and loneliness. That thing is hiking.

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